Monday, June 30, 2008



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Candy Heart

Candy Heart, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

This is the finished piece

Candy Heart

Candy Heart, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

A beautiful heart made by Papernclay2
so soft and pretty

We are both members of Dawanda, Cgge,
Glassanarchy and Etsy For Animals

Calm Blue Ocean

Calm Blue Ocean Finished, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

Wanted to show the finished piece.

Calm Blue Oceans

Calm Blue Oceans, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

Shoozles from Etsy and Worldwide
Women Artist Online made this beautiful blue earth pendant. She also did the wonderful wire wrapping.
Then with her permission I purchased
to make a necklace with and put on Etsy.

Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Heart, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

DesertArtRoseGlass made this beautiful dichro heart pendant.
Then let me play with it to make a necklace.
This finished piece can be found on Etsy.
DesertArtRoseGlass and I are both members of CGGE

Finished Heart

Finished Heart, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

Just to show the finished piece

Friday, June 13, 2008

Etsy For Animals

etsyamin0013, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

This pendant, was sent to EFA as a donation for the charity of the month.
Tree in the pendant was made from silver wire, and the tree is
green adventuring frit.

This is such a great site and they do a lot of good work

Donation to etsy for animals

etsyamin0012, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

Just a necklace made and sent to Etsy for Animals

Monday, June 9, 2008

Stained Glass so Pretty

Stained Glass so Pretty, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

This beautiful pendant and it is beautiful, was made by Etsy, Cgge
and Glassanarchy own Shasglasscrafts, I am so happy she made it and allowed me to make a necklace for it.
The colors are Fantastic.

The beads for the necklace

The beads for the necklace, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

When I opened the package with the pendant from Shas, well I was so scared that I could not make lampwork beads that would be pretty enough.
Well I think the beads look ok
But look at that pendant.

Thank you so much Shasglasscrafts!!!!!!!

Beauty in green

etsy0007, originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

Just a beautiful green Dichro pendant made by DesertRoseArtGlass
I just love the color so soft and lovely.

Thank you Desert again>

Beauty in greens.

Beauty in greens., originally uploaded by Smokeylady54.

Just what I put together after getting that beautiful pendant.
Green pearls, gold filled beads, light green Swarovski crystals.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Esty For Animals

I have joined a new group that always needs help,
hopefully you can give them some.
The new group is Etsy for Animals
Their shop gives 100% to help animals
Every month they give to a new animal charity, here is this month's;

Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals

"Here, animals many of whom are terminally and / or critically ill or physically challenged, come to live out their days in peace, dignity and love. Our focus is on wellness and quality of life. We provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each animal. We take a holistic approach in animal care, giving all needed supportive services including hospice care."