Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sad that it came to this. Over a Pendant.

>> May 2008
>> Karen Nichols/Firechicktick
>> I hope you please read before you delete this post.
>> I was not sure how to reach you so this was my best
>> option.
>> You have said many mean and nasty comments about myself and one of
>> my friends on Flickr and your blog. The comment about my husband was
>> just to much for me to take.
>> All because of a pendant.
>> If you would have contacted us I am sure we could have resolved this
>> problem between us nicely.
>> I went and looked at the olive pendant, due to the fact that I was
>> contacted
>> by a client of mine that was very interested in it. She wanted to
>> purchase and
>> have me make it up into a necklace.
>> I left a nice comment and asked if you were going to put them up
>> for sale.
>> Instead of just a simple yes or no, you went off on me again.
>> I did get a copy of that very mean and nasty comment before you
>> removed it.
>> If I had not seen the comment would you have left it on the site.
>> You really had no right to make such a comment about my
>> husband Pete. Even then I did not say anything mean about you.
>> I have not come out after you in any way through all of this. Nor
>> have any of
>> the other people that have felt your wrath. We thought, as others
>> have, to just
>> walk away before we say something to you that would not be nice.
>> Well, I have made copies of all of the nasty, mean, derogatory and
>> inflammatory comments that I could find on the internet, including
>> the one about my husband.
>> I have tu rned them over to a lawyer to look at. I have been
>> informed that I could file for:
>> Defamation and Libel
>> Harassment
>> and
>> Slander.
>> I hesitate filing due to the inevitable repercussions, but one can
>> only be pushed so far.
>> All I want is for you to delete the Inflammatory and Derogatory
>> items from your Flickr site
>> and your blog. Also that you do not get nasty like that again to
>> me, my family or my friends.
>> We really have not bothered you and will not in the future.
>> What happens is now up to you.
>> In addition, I was informed by the lawyer to put a copy of this on
>> my blog, stating that this
>> was sent to you. I was also told to leave it on for a certain
>> amount of time. I am sure you will remove this ASAP and I think
>> that is correct to do. I just had to make sure it was someplace
>> you would see it.
>> Also when you read this you thereby know what could happen.
>> This is not a threat to you. Just a statement of what I've been
>> forced to do to protect my
>> family against another vicious attack.
>> Nancy/Smokeylady


lawatha said...

Well said, SmokeyLady. Mean people need to be held accountable for their actions. It amazes me how some people think they can bully, harass, degrade, slander, and attempt to humiliate others in public without any regard for the consequences. Some people apparently haven't heard that the same rules for "real life" behavior also apply to internet behavior. All I can say to them (in addition to this letter you've written) is... grow up and quit making a foolish spectacle of yourself.

papernclay said...

I'm hoping this doesn't need to go further.....glad you're prepared if it does.